MP The Kid

Marco aka MP The Kid grew up in Eferding, a small town in Upper Austria, where he became fascinated with music and sound itself at an early age. The bass and treble knob on an old Walkman from his parents started it all; Being able to lower the bass or boost the highs in a song made MP fall in love with the world of audio engineering.

What started as a childhood hobby ended up as production work for national and international artists, which was followed by MP experimenting in producing tracks for himself. His unique mixture of rap and pop music led to overwhelmingly positive feedback on his first own songs which he released on Soundcloud. To this day MP The Kid still is 100% responsible for the writing, production, mixing and mastering of all his songs. 

With three EPs and one DIY-Album out, he already reached remarkable numbers on Spotify (more than 2.000.000 Streams), reached #2 in the Radio FM4 charts twice and collaborated with artists like Mavi Phoenix and Leyya. In both 2016 and 2017 he got nominated for the Austrian Amadeus Music Award. These achievements were followed by gigs at renowned festivals like Novarock Festival, FM4 Frequency Festival, Poolbar Festival, as opening act for the Grammy Award winning Duo Twenty One Pilots.

While his music is inspired by the likes of Drake or Post Malone his visuals are drawing a lot of inspiration from the 50s and 60s. He always tried to connect both worlds in his art and now he also tries to do the same with his merchandising, exclusively available at “Der Merch Shop”.



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